• Guest Lectures and Project Advising
    • Fall 2018. AI, Society and Humanity (94878). Guest lecture on “Practice to Theory to Practice: AI for Social Good”.
    • Spring 2018. Societal Computing Practicum (08998). Guest lecture on “The Evolution of PAWS”.
    • Fall 2017. Special Topics in HCI — Computing for Good (05499-E). Advising a project titled “Identifying mining sites in conservation areas from satellite imagery and analyzing their dynamics”. Project team members: Wen Li, Abigail McManus.
    • Fall 2017. Systems Synthesis I (90-739). Serve on advisory board for a project titled “Mapping Illegal Wildlife Trafficking”. Project advisor: Prof. Jon Caulkins. Project team members: James Duguid, Anhvinh Doanvo, Gursmeep Hundal, Vicky Mei, Benjamin Simmons, Theresa Froehlich.
    • April 2017. Harvard University, Advanced Topics in AI (CS280r). Guest lecture on“Security Games: Theory and Applications”.
    • March 2016 – April 2016. University of Southern California, Security and Game Theory (ISE 599). Guest lectures on “Security Games and Applications”.
    • April 2015. University of Southern California, Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (CSCI 561). Guest lecture on “Win a Game to Build a Safer World: Towards a Science of Security Games”.