I am Leonardo Assistant Professor in the Institute for Software Research in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University[CV]


Recent News and Announcements

  • 8/24/2021, I gave a talk at the award session of IJCAI-21 as the recipient of the IJCAI-21 Computers and Thought award. Talk title: Integrating Machine Learning with Game Theory for Societal Challenges
  • 8/19/2021, I gave a seminar talk at the RLChina Summer School. Talk title: Game Theory and Machine Learning in Multiagent Communication and Coordination [slides][video]
  • 7/6/2021, I gave a talk at the AI4All @ Carnegie Mellon summer program on Machine Learning and Game Theory for Social Good
  • 6/9/2021, I gave a talk at Yixi titled “Game Theory + Machine Learning = ?” [video]
  • 5/4/2021, I served as a panelist at the AAMAS Doctoral Consortium Career Panel.
  • 4/30/2021, I co-organized the 2021 Symposium on Artificial Intelligence for Social Good together with Ryan Shi and Rex Chen
  • 4/21/2021, I gave a keynote at Young Researcher Salon Keynote series run by Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence [blog]
  • 4/10/2021, I gave a talk at Tsinghua AI International Governance forum on Game Theory and Machine Learning for Multiagent Communication and Coordination [blog]
  • 2/21/2021, I gave a talk at Youth AI seminar [info][video]
  • 2/4/2021, our paper Dual-Mandate Patrols: Multi-Armed Bandits for Green Security (co-authored by Lily Xu, Elizabeth Bondi, Fei Fang, Andrew Perrault, Kai Wang, Milind Tambe) is selected as the Best Paper Runner-Up in AAAI-21
  • 2/2/2021, I am invited to give a talk at Harvard AI for Economics seminar series. The talk is on “Game Theory and Machine Learning for Multiagent Communication and Coordination”

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