Get to Know Security Games

If you are interested in security games as a researcher/student/law enforcement agency officer/someone who is interested in learning how Artificial Intelligence can be used for social good, here are a few resources that may be helpful.

I will keep updating the list. Please feel free to send me comments/recommendations. I will try to list the targeted audience and the time it takes to read/watch for each resource.

[All audience | 13 minutes] To get a quick overview of security games and deployed application, I recommend the following video introducing how security games are deployed in the field for protecting airports, ports, metro lines, fisheris and wildlife.  (July 2016)


[CS background | 1 hour] To get a deeper/broader on security games within an hour, I recommend this talk (September 2014)


[Students/Researchers | 1.5 hours] To get pointers to key publications with a high-level research picture and brief introductions, I recommend the following survey/newsletter publications:

  • Green Security Games: Apply Game Theory to Addressing Green Security Challenges
    Fei Fang, Thanh H. Nguyen
    In ACM SIGecom Exchanges, Volume 15 Issue 1, July 2016, Pages 78-83
    [pdf|SIGecom version]
  • Computational game theory for security: Progress and challenges
    Milind Tambe, Albert Jiang, Bo An, Manish Jain
    AAAI Spring Symposium on Spring Symposium on Applied Computational Game Theory, March 2014

[Student/Researchers | 1~2 weeks] To learn security games from the basics, I recommend the following book

  • Security and Game Theory: Algorithms, Deployed Systems, Lessons Learned
    Milind Tambe
    Cambridge University Press, 2011
    [Amazon Link]

[Students/Researchers | a few weeks] Background knowledge of security games include game theory, mathematical programming and general topics in Artificial Intelligence. Here are some courses/books I recommend.

  • Game Theory I and II
    Online Course Taught by Matthew O. Jackson, Kevin Leyton-Brown and Yoav Shoham
    [Coursera Link | Youtube channel]
  • Essentials of Game Theory
    [E-Book Link]
  • MULTIAGENT SYSTEMS Algorithmic, Game-Theoretic, and Logical Foundations
    [E-Book Link]
  • Applied Mathematical Programming
    Stephen P. Bradley, Arnoldo C. Hax, Thomas L. Magnanti
    Addison-Wesley, 1977
    [Free Downloads from MIT | Amazon Link]
  • Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (3rd Edition)
    Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig
    Pearson, 2009
    [Amazon Link]
  • Algorithmic Game Theory (1st Edition)
    Noam Nisan, Tim Roughgarden, Eva Tardos, Vijay V. Vazirani
    Cambridge University Press, 2007
    [Amazon Link]

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